Contestation of Power

Namal Kumara

Mixed media on Canvas

Size: 100 W x 141 H x 3.8 D cm

(40 W x 56 H x 1.5 D in)

"Contestation of Power" by Namal is a captivating painting that combines detailed realism with abstract elements. The artwork portrays a bull's head with upward-pointing horns and piercing eyes, engaging viewers in a direct encounter.

Namal's skilled use of acrylic paint brings this artwork to life, with a captivating blend of brown, yellow, and green shades that create an intriguing texture in the bull's fur. The vibrant green background serves as a bold contrast, enhancing the overall composition.

This painting serves as a Marxian examination of power, politics, and social classes. Within the chaos of colored abstraction, a contestation of power emerges. The series explores a system sustained by the contributions and suffering of the proletariat, provoking contemplation and reflection on the dynamics of power within society.

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